Artifort: powerful design

Artifort is part of the Dutch Lande Group. From one strategic location in Schijndel, the Netherlands, the production, sales and international distribution of the three brands: Artifort, Lande and Zwaardvis, is coordinated.

In Schijndel, Lanaken (Belgium) and Bursa (Turkey) over 170 professionals and specialists work with love on leading, innovative designer furniture and furniture concepts.

Artifort stands for timeless, authoritative design that endures. From Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey Harcourt to René Holten and Patrick Norguet. Artifort’s furniture features in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Centre Pompidou.

Famous Artifort designs are colourful chairs and armchairs like Ribbon, Orange Slice, Tongue, Tulip and sofa’s like C683, 905 and Mare.


‘Once you see how much passion and attention goes into upholstering a chair like the Ribbon, you’ll understand the quality’

Inspirational design since 1890

In 2015 Artifort celebrated its 125th anniversary. It all started in 1890 when Jules Wagemans started a business as an upholsterer in Maastricht. His son Henricus expanded the company into a furniture factory with a showroom in Amsterdam. In 1928 the brand name was introduced: Artifort, derived from the Latin word ‘ars’ meaning art or knowledge, and ‘fortis’ meaning strong or powerful.


Artifort’s CEO Sander van der Lande

Artifort’s breakthrough came at the beginning of the nineteen-thirties when the company managed to acquire a licence to the Epeda patent. Using this interior springing provided a major saving in production time.

Kho Liang Ie

Next, interior and furniture designer Kho Liang Ie brought a forward-looking view, knowledge of design and international contacts to the company. These were determining factors in the successes of the nineteen-sixties and seventies. Artifort and Kho Liang Ie introduced many talked-about designs. In 1959, Kho Liang Ie recruited the French designer Pierre Paulin, who introduced new techniques and constructions.

Paulin and Harcourt

Paulin’s designs were fresh and innovative. His striking, brightly coloured seating sculptures raised eyebrows at home and abroad. Right up to today, they are regarded as the face of the Artifort collection. To produce these designs, a new construction method was introduced in collaboration with Artifort’s development department. Artifort started to work with foamcovered metal tube frames and stretch fabrics.

ARTIFORT_Portrait_ImageAt the beginning of the nineteen-sixties, the English designer Geoffrey D. Harcourt designed an extensive collection of contract furniture. Internationally, this resulted in an enormous sales growth.

The company continued to attract young and established design talent. Nel Verschuuren, Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, Gijs Bakker and Jeremy Harvey – young designers at the time and well-established names today – came to work for Artifort. Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey Harcourt continued to add new furniture to the collection every year.

Artifort’s policy was continued in the 1990’s when the company worked with designers such as Jasper Morrison, Wolfgang Mezger, René Holten and Jan Pesman. The result was celebrated furniture that reflected the company’s philosophy and the values of the brand: design, functionality and quality that go hand in hand.


2000 and further

In 1998, the Lande Group in Schijndel bought the Artifort brand. New factories opened in Schijndel and Lanaken in Belgium, where Lande’s know-how in furniture construction was combined with the art of upholstering.

In 2007 Pierre Paulin celebrated his 60th year as a designer, of which he had worked fifty years for Artifort. In the 2010’s Artifort continued to launch innovative designs, like Shark, Bras and Kalm. In 2014 long time Artifort designer Khodi Feiz was appointed Art-Director to help guide Artifort for the future.


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