A taste of industrial efficiency

During the late 1940s, in the aftermath of World War II, millions of mouths had to be fed. All over Europe the production capacity of bread grew rapidly. For decades, the effects of a clear and understandable quantity-over-quality approach, could be tasted in all too many supermarkets and households.

It took almost fifty years until taste and quality managed to make a noticeable and substantial come-back to the bread market. When consumers rediscovered the merits of artisan bakeries, industrial suppliers of bread and pastry soon realized the growth potential and started to look for ways of making healthy and high-quality bread products in large quantities. The missing link between industrial efficiency and artisan quality was provided by Theo Rademaker, a Dutch entrepreneur who started to produce laminators in his garage. Within years Theo’s company grew to be one of the most succesful solution providers for the food processing industry.


“Some of our customers spend a week here in order to establish the exact specifications for a perfect product.”

A sheet of dough

At Rademaker’s, everything starts with a sheet. A sheet of dough, that is. The equipment that Rademaker manufactures is designed for the purpose of turning that sheet of dough into a fine, attractive and above all tasty piece of bread, viennoiserie, pizza or pie, ready for the oven. Since 1977, when the company was founded, this dough sheeting equipment has found its way to every corner of the world.


Technology Center

Rademaker has production facilities in The Netherlands and Slovakia. Additionally the company has service and sales offices in a number of countries all over the world. Product Manager Henri in ‘t Veld: “In terms of production, the two production sites are more or less interchangeable. The Dutch facility, however, also offers the Rademaker Technology Center, a state-of-the-art industrial test bakery.” The Technology Center provides customers and prospects with the unique opportunity to try out and experience their very own recipes on an industrial production line. “Many of our customers are visiting the Technology Center in order to establish the best possible quality of their products on the Rademaker production equipment.” says In’t Veld.



A Rademaker machine processes roughly between 500 and 1.200 kilograms of dough per hour. The sheer size of the equipment indicates that Rademaker finds its customers among large industrial bakeries and suppliers of supermarkets. In many western-European countries around 80% of bread and viennoiserie is already being produced in an industrial way. In other parts of the world the transition from artisan bakeries towards industrial production is just getting started and in some countries the consumption of bread itself is still in a very early stage. As China is certainly the most prominent and most promising of these emerging markets, it should not come as a surprise that Rademaker has opened a second Technology Center there. As in Europe, Rademaker’s Chinese Technology Center is fully equipped and manned with a team of skilled and experienced bakers.



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