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Iran has been isolated internationally for many years. But the Iranian market is gradually reopening to international business following the partial lifting of economic sanctions. Many Western companies are eager to explore the new market opportunities this development opens. But Iran is a complex country to do business. independent consulting firm Advisory Group Roshd (AG Roshd) helps Western companies to navigate the potential challenges in Iran.


Iran’s potential is undeniable and can be turned into successful trade opportunities.

Iran’s potential is undeniable and can be turned into successful trade opportunities. But like every emerging market, companies need to assess and leverage the challenges. They may have concerns about the uncertain political development, and difficulties with payments and investments. The complicated local customs and opaque economic and political system are other complicating factors. Finally, it’s difficult to discover information about trusted business partners for entering the Iranian markets. These factors may have a negative impact on a market entry. Western companies generally lack the knowledge, contacts and experience for a thorough evaluation of these challenges.

AG Roshd provides reputational due diligence and services in commerce and legal support. AG Roshd’s comprehension of the country also tackles understanding Iran’s political arena. To ensure a solid start, AG Roshd supports clients in identifying the right local business partners, and in assisting with the financial structuring of collaboration. All these activities are based on a strict code of ethics.

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