Seamore brings seaweed straight to your plate

Is Seamore, Willem Sodderland’s company, the manufacturer or the importer of I Sea Pasta and I Sea Bacon? It’s difficult to say when it concerns a product that is simply picked from rocks in the Atlantic Ocean without any further processing, to be dried and sent to the consumer. In two years, the amount of seaweed pasta the company ordered, increased from 7000 kilo to a multiple of this number and a second product has been launched.
New areas where the pasta grows have also been discovered.

Most innovative food-start-up

In 2015 Seamore won the Ketchum Food Lab Competition with its seaweed pasta as most innovative food-start-up. The jury consisted of representatives of communication agency Ketchum, supermarket chain Albert Heijn, the Rabobank, the daily Het Financieele Dagblad and innovation network Food Valley. From the jury report: “As start-up Seamore encompasses everything we have been looking for… They look at the product seaweed from a totally different perspective. Moreover, they are fresh and dynamic, brimming over with good ideas about how to deliver a sustainable contribution to the food production of tomorrow with their delicious product. An inspiration to everyone in the food industry.” Thanks to this award Seamore’s pasta found a home on the shelves of Holland’s largest supermarket chain Albert Heijn, among others.

seamore pasta

Besides the Netherlands, the seaweed pasta is also sold in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britain and Australia

Developments and expansion

In 2015 a crowd-funding action for the seaweed pasta collected 40.000 Euros, which was used to launch a publicity campaign for the general public.
Some ten people are now working at the Amsterdam-based company and the products are being sold in six countries. In the coming years Seamore expects to expand not only in terms of I Sea Pasta and I Sea Bacon sales, but also thanks to the development of new, sustainable seaweed products.

Seamore team

Team Seamore

The international market

The interest in and enthusiasm for I See Pasta and I Sea Bacon are growing fast: two years after the start, the Irish fishermen harvested a multitude of the first crop for Seamore, and soon their French and maybe their Spanish colleagues will be contributing to the harvest as well. Besides the Netherlands, the seaweed pasta is also sold in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britain and Australia; various other countries are expected to follow. After the crowd-funding the Dutch Rabobank entered into a partnership with Seamore. The bank not only functions as its personal banker, but even introduces its products at trade fairs abroad. In the Netherlands, the Rabobank is an important bank known for investing in the food and agriculture section.

Ecological footprint

Seamore encourages its consumers to share their recipes on social media – and recently a Whatsapp help line was launched for consumers with questions during preparation. Meanwhile, the founder and his team are not forgetting their initial idealism in their future plans. For example, in a booklet about their culinary adventures, they ask developers in the wrapping industry to contribute. Who will help design an affordable wrapping which is more sustainable than the current plastic bag? As to the transport of the harvest, that is being looked at too. Dutch transporters whose trucks would formerly travel back empty after having delivered their flowers in Ireland, in the harvesting months now return to the Netherlands with a load of seaweed. As far as Seamore is concerned, the company’s ecological footprint will remain as small as possible.

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