Dutch design collective thonik innovates Holland Festival’s visual identity

Amsterdam-based design collective thonik created the visual identity for the 70th Holland Festival. The designers adopted a radical approach to this anniversary festival, by drawing inspiration from the online world instead of the other way around. They achieved this by transforming a digital URL code into a fluid color spectrum. This innovative graphic identity became a new way of empowering and enthusing the Holland Festival audience.

International performing arts

Holland Festival has been the leading international performing arts festival in the Netherlands since 1947. It offers a wide range of international performing arts, with a mix of performances and concerts from all corners of the world. Holland Festival features established names and new talent, demonstrating innovation in art and exploring new types of venue and theatre forms. This tradition of innovation is also expanded by opening up the festival, for instance by staging performances, concerts and events in public spaces.

Digital interactions

As a platform for the very best of international performing arts, Holland Festival also uses culture as a way for their visitors to communicate. For 70 years it has used amazing graphic designs to create culture. Thonik builds on that tradition by creating all aspects of the Holland Festival in line with code. The result is a strong visual identity, from digital interactions to signage on trams. The novel nature of thonik’s graphic design means the posters are displayed on digital screens rather than traditional billboards.