Trailer manufacturer Nooteboom wins three Innovation Awards for its ground-breaking Manoovr semi low-loader

Nooteboom designs and builds trailers of the highest quality for the international transport market. For its flagship semi low-loader, the Manoovr MPL, the family business recently received three prestigious innovation awards.

Innovation DNA

Founded in 1881, Nooteboom provides their international customers with complete solutions in the field of abnormal transport. By thinking and working outside the box, and with innovation running through its DNA, the company is always striving to improve its products and services by continuously investing in the best solutions for their customers. The Manoovr MPL semi low-loader is a perfect example of their approach. This revolutionary trailer is durable, solid and innovative, and above all the construction is simple and designed for the lowest running costs per mile. These advantages have led transport companies across Europe to choose en masse for the Nooteboom Manoovr.

‘Oscar’ for special transport

It’s not just customers that are impressed by the innovative and technical power of the Manoovr. These features also drew the attention of the Dutch SV Innovation Award jury. Nooteboom was awarded this prize for its contribution to the innovative character of the Dutch automotive industry. Some months later Nooteboom won a ‘Heavy’ in the category ‘Semi-trailers for abnormal transport with more than 5 axles’. The Heavies are the Oscars for special transport in England. The jury was impressed by Manoovr’s advanced design.

Focus on technology

Last but not least, ESTA, the most important European organisation for abnormal and vertical transport awarded the trailer manufacturer an ESTA Award of Excellence in the category ‘Innovation by manufacturers’. The main focus of the ESTA Awards is on technology. These prizes all emphasize that the Manoovr is an important and revolutionary innovative product, even in direct competition with very strong European manufacturers.