TOBROCO-GIANT has developed a spreader bucket for sawdust which is perfect for bedding cow cubicles efficiently and economically. The Dutch company has been manufacturing high-quality machines and attachments since 1996. All its machinery is designed and built by a team of 185 enthusiastic employees in modern facilities in the Netherlands.

Farmers can bed 100 cubicles with just 100 litres of sawdust with this innovative spreader bucket. They save not only 50% in sawdust terms, but thousands of euros annually. Cow health will also improve because the racks, cubicle borders and mats are clean after a pass.

Save time

Using the ZV350 ends manual labour and saves valuable time. The spreader bucket is fitted with a Hardox blade and wear strip so that bedding materials can be self-loaded. Like every attachment from TOBROCO-GIANT, the bucket can be attached and detached in seconds thanks to its hydraulic attachment system.

Expansion options

The spreader bucket can also be fitted with a hydraulic side brush (75 cm in diameter) to keep the cubicles clean. The brush turns into the cubicle so it starts cleaning from the beginning and over the entire length. In its standard setting the brush reaches up to 75 cm inside the cubicles, but the height and length are adjustable. In its folded position the side brush is the same width as the bucket, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.