FocusCura develops smart innovations to improve healthcare. Its new eHealth applications enable remote care for patients with a chronic disease. To support this, the Dutch healthcare innovation firm integrates the globally-available Cisco Spark in its eHealth solutions cContact telemedicine and cVitals telemonitoring. These new solutions make it really easy for a healthcare organization to launch a video doctor service. The first hospitals and healthcare organizations have now started to use this new solution for healthcare communication through an iPhone or iPad.

The FocusCura healthcare innovations help vulnerable people to live happy and independent lives for as long as possible. In particular, vulnerable elderly people and patients with a chronic disease like heart failure or COPD are in frequent contact with their doctors or specialized nurses. Today this is only possible by visiting a hospital, which is a real burden, particularly for such patients.

Video communication

The FocusCura eHealth solutions cContact telemedicine and cVitals telemonitoring change this completely. cVitals lets patients measure their vital signs at home, and lets them send these to their healthcare professionals. cContact enables direct contact with healthcare professionals through video communication. In this way FocusCura connects the world outside the hospital with the hospital’s existing healthcare ICT. Healthcare professionals delivering community care can establish contact with specialized doctors in the hospital in a simple and user-friendly way. Patients can be monitored at home 24/7, and can launch a mobile video connection in case of need.

Leading hospitals are on board

The first pioneers are now starting to use this new technology – mostly leading healthcare providers. Organizations like the University Medical Center UMC Utrecht, Deventer Hospital, Medical Center Group, Pediatric Oncology Center – Princess Maxima Center, and homecare ZZG Zorggroep, have begun trialing the new possibilities on a small scale. The new technology will become widely available in all countries where FocusCura operates over the course of this year.