Westminster Abbey, one of London’s most iconic religious and historic buildings, has undergone a BMS (Building Management System) retrofit by Priva. The company leads the way in developing and producing technology for optimizing environmental conditions and process management.

The new BMS replaced an outdated system with Priva Blue ID, bringing the building’s heating and ventilation into the 21st century. The project has made the abbey’s temperature control far more efficient, while the extensive and laborious checks the previous BMS needed are now history. Some tasks have actually been reduced from hours to just seconds.

Intelligent design

Westminster Abbey needed an upgrade because the control system had communication problems and kept failing, incurring both time and money. Priva Blue ID hardware has a base on which individual functional modules with all the mission-critical components can be installed. This intelligent design is both cost-effective and guarantees maximum operational reliability. In the unlikely event of module failing, the failure is restricted to that specific part of the system. The base is always live, and communication always remains intact.

Saving a small fortune

Key to the project was avoiding disturbance to the fabric of one of England’s most historically-important buildings, while significantly minimizing installation costs. Priva 2-wire technology meant that the existing twisted-pair communication network cable could be used for IP communications, without needing to install a new network infrastructure from scratch. The Priva Blue ID system allowed existing temperature sensors and cabling to field devices to be re-used, saving the abbey a ‘small fortune’ and preserving the fabric of the 900-year-old building.