Shell, one of the world’s largest energy providers, has signed an agreement to buy Dutch company NewMotion, in a deal enabling both companies to accelerate the transition to low-carbon transport.

Largest electric charging partner

NewMotion is Europe’s largest electric charging partner. Under the deal’s terms, the company will remain focused on accelerating its mission in Europe by delivering more innovative smart-charging solutions to homes, businesses and public parking spaces. The acquisition will help them enhance its electric vehicle (EV) charging services, turning more parking spaces into charging stations while also improving the charging experience for users across Europe.

Smart-charge services

The ambitious company has expressed pleasure at having such a strong investor which fully supports its expansion across Europe, as the transition to electric vehicles gathers pace. The passionate NewMotion team makes electric driving as simple and convenient for as many people as possible. They achieves this by designing, building and supporting award-winning smart-charge services, including charge points, a mobile app and a charge card granting access to tens of thousands of charge points across Europe.