Dutch property development company Beladon BV has created a high-tech floating farm in the city of Rotterdam. The company wants to ease the food production deficit by integrating Dutch water engineering with agricultural knowledge and expertise. The floating farm in the Port of Rotterdam is completely circular in its water, energy and waste, and is close to the city’s consumers.

Shorten logistics chains

Beladon designs and constructs iconic, sustainable floating buildings that connect people to their social and physical environments. All the concepts in the company’s designs are in line with nature’s biggest challenges on energy, food, water and waste. As the population in megacities in delta areas grows and prosperity increases, the production and consumption of food is under pressure. Urbanisation is also a challenge for the logistics chain. In the Netherlands alone, one-third of cargo traffic consists of agro transportation. Food production in the city shortens the logistics chain immensely.  

All over the world

Beladon builds its floating farms in cities all over the world to make our food chain less vulnerable and to reduce the burden on the environment with fewer transport and food losses. The development company operates from Rotterdam to Singapore and has already begun engineering and studying spectacular new floating design concepts, like the Rotterdam project.