Dutch company Travis B.V., the creator of a personal voice translator powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), has completed a successful crowdfunding campaign intended to build a strong worldwide community of early adopters. The adopters can participate actively in the Travis mission, to create a world without language barriers, where everyone can have an equal voice.

Artificial Intelligence

Based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Travis is inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of reducing inequality and ensuring inclusive and quality education for all. The start-up’s contribution to these SDGs is to develop a pocket-sized, smart and handy device which uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning to instantly recognise and translate speech in 80 languages, all in less than two seconds. It includes both an offline and online mode, a 12-hour battery life and several other unique features.

Technology improvement

After its successful worldwide launch in early 2017, the Travis Translator is growing fast. The company wants to perfect the device in collaboration with its community. The underlying belief is that basic translations make a huge difference in understanding and communicating. Not only will users receiving the first devices be able to understand each other better, but they will also contribute to the technology’s improvement.

Travis recently began cooperating with Japanese distributor Sourcenext, opening up the US and Canadian markets. The companies already cooperate in the Japanese market, resulting in the sale of 50,000 devices in Japan alone.